NC3400 High ENR Coaxial

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Excellent Choice for Applications Requiring High ENR and Immunity to Large Incident RF Power Found in Radiometer and Radar Systems

The calibration accuracy and flatness of the NC3400 Series noise sources are enhanced by their low VSWR. The built-in isolator provides almost constant output impedance as the noise source bias is switched on and off.

The isolator also protects the noise diode from incident RF power (consult the factory for high power units). An SMA female connector is standard for the RF output and a BNC female connector is standard for the bias input. Other connectors are available as options.


  • ENR Up to 35 dB
  • VSWR < 1.25:1
  • Standard input voltage +28 VDC
  • Noise output rise and fall times < 1 μs
  • Maximum incident 1 W average,
  • RF power 100 W peak
  • Typical current 12 to 15 mA


  • Radar systems
  • High NF device measurements
  • Automated test equipment (ATE)