The 41st Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC 41) is dedicated to the research, development and production of microwave/millimetre wave, optoelectronic, digital and general test and measurement instruments.

Their products are used in a variety of industries including wireless and satellite communications, research and development, aerospace and defence, etc.

Products include:

  • Cable and Antenna Analysers
  • Analog and Vector Signal Generators
  • Vector Signal Analysers
  • Spectrum Analysers
  • Vector Network Analysers


The following are some of the products offered by AR Europe

AV3656A/B Vector Network Analyser


The AV3656A/B VNA offers powerful measurement functions which enables complete vector network analysis in the field of wireless communications, cable TV, automotive electronics, etc.

A 4-port vector network analyser can be built with AV3656A/B vector network analyser and AV2813A S parameter test set.

Main Features

  • Frequency Range: 100 kHz – 8.5 GHz
  • Dynamic range of 125dB for accurate measurement of high suppression devices
  • Optional 75 Ω test port impedance option for cable TV components measurement
  • 0.001dBrms trace noise for higher measuring accuracy
  • With up to 64 independent measuring channels that can implement complex testing schemes quickly
  • Powerful data analysis functions such as ripple test, bandwidth test and limit test
  • Extendable to 4 ports through port extension set. Test the whole 16 parameters of 4-port network through a single connection, capable of balanced parameter test
  • Capable of time domain analysis
  • Fixture simulator suitable for various R&D applications giving real time results

AV3672 Vector Network Analyser Series


The AV3672 is a family of Vector Network Analysers widely used for scientific research and production of phased array radar, communications, microwave and RF components. It is designed to make dielectric material properties measurements, microwave pulse characteristics, photoelectric properties and transmitting/receiving (T/R) module measurements.

Main Features

  • Frequency Range: 10 MHz – 67 GHz (up to 325 GHz with extender modules)
  • Flexible and optional calibration types, compatible with multiple calibration kits
  • Multi-window, multi-channel test, fast operation for complex test schemes
  • Available in multiple display formats such as logarithmic amplitude, linear amplitude, standing-wave ratio (SWR), phase, Smith chart
  • With USB, GPIB, LAN and VGA display interface
  • 12.1-inch high resolution touch screen
  • One-button operation greatly simplifies the measurement setting steps with improved efficiency
    Available with such functions as pulsed S parameter testing, time domain testing, mixer testing, gain compression two-dimensional sweep, millimeter-wave frequency extension, antenna and RCS measurement.


AV4051x-S Spectrum Analyser Series


The AV4051x-S is a series of Signal / Spectrum Analysers offering excellent dynamic range, phase noise, fast sweep speed and spectrum analysis capabilities such as occupied bandwidth, channel power, adjacent channel etc.

Main Features

  • Frequency range: 3 Hz to 26.5 GHz (in 5 frequency ranges)
  • Incomparable price-performance ratio
  • Excellent testing and receiving performances
  • Overall spectrum analysis capabilities
  • Practical function options
  • Convenient operation characteristics


AV1442 Radio Frequency Signal Generator


The AV1442 Series is a new RF Signal Generator designed with multiple functions to provide testing in industries such as research & development, service maintenance and manufacturing. The AV1442 family includes two models covering all commonly-used ranges of radio frequency.

It is designed with modular structure, large LCD menu control, extremely low phase noise of output signal, high frequency resolution and accuracy and wide output dynamic range.

Main Features

  • Frequency range: 250 kHz – 6 GHz
  • Extremely low phase noise
  • Power output of -135 dBm to +7 dBm
  • Analog modulation and digital modulation functions
  • Optional 1 Hz – 1 MHz low frequency signal generator
  • List sweep and step sweep
  • Update with USB Disk


AV3680A Handheld Cable and Antenna Analyser


The AV3680A is a handheld Cable and Antenna Analyser developed for the installation and maintenance of transmission lines and antenna systems. It’s fast measuring speed, high measurement accuracy, small size, light weight, battery power, touch screen interface and adjustable backlighting makes it ideal for onsite testing.

Main Features

  • Frequency Range: 1 MHz – 4 GHz
  • Effective Directivity: ≥ 42 dB
  • Measurement Capability: Return Loss, SWR, Impedance, DTF, Fault Location
  • Touch screen, auto adjustable brightness of touch screen
  • High measuring speed as high as 1ms/point
  • Support list sweep: Users can sweep multiple frequency bands, each frequency band can be set with different parameters, such as sweep point, IF bandwidth, etc.
  • Built in GPS receiver
  • Test data storage and playback. Data can be stored internally or externally via USB memory stick or SD card
  • Connectivity: The AV3680A provides mini-USB interface which can be connected to PC through USB cable to realize the download of test data. It also provides the LAN interface to communicate with PC
  • Power meter option

For more information on these or any of the products offered by AR Deutschland  please visit our website www.ar-deutschland.de or call +49 6101 80270 0.