9240 Series RF Voltmeter

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Accurate Analog RF Voltmeter 10Hz to 1.2GHz

Boonton’s 9240 RF Voltmeter provides precise voltage measurements from audio frequencies to the GHz region.

The range extends from 200 μV to 10 volts; with accessory 100:1 divider up to 300 V. The 9240 RF Voltmeter is simple to use on the bench, and comprehensive enough to integrate into an ATE system.

Features and Benefits:

  • Frequency range: 10 Hz to 1.2 GHz (Probe dependent)
  • Voltage range: 200 μV to 10 V (to 300V @ 700MHz with optional 100:1 divider)
  • RMS response to 30 mV (to 3 V @ 700 MHz with 100:1 divider)
  • DC recorder output
  • Dual channel and differential voltage measurements (9242)